goals and philosophy

June 2016:

Running. There’s not that much to say about it. It’s not everyone’s thing and that’s fine. For me though it’s just part of who I am. It’s part of what I do. I lurk on here and write things related to running on a random basis. I try not to be too self absorbed. Sometimes I write a ton. Other times I go silent for months.I’m mainly a loner with my running. It clears my head. The last few years I’ve opened up to running in packs. It’s fun in a different way.

(keeping older posts to see how naive and/or cocky I was in the past.)
February 2013:

After decades of running at my own pace, I’ve recently been smitten by racing and by seeing how far and fast this body can go. After a few races and ultra distances finishing above average I think its time to get smart about the whole running thing.

Not wanting to set myself up for failure, I’ve made achievable goals for the moment. I’m taking this time as a learning process, as discovery. So, for now I’m content with just getting faster times. I have a soft goal of reaching a sub 3:00 hour marathon in the next year or so. Beyond that, I’d like to run more 50km and 50 milers more successfully. There’s a lot of room for improvement, these are exciting times for me, because at the moment there is no limit. We’ll see what happens when I reach it. I’m somewhat looking forward to the plateaus ahead.

List of things that are somewhat relevant:

I’m a vegan 
I sustain myself on a purely plant based diet. I’ve been veggie since the mid 90’s, so don’t worry, I won’t be collapsing anytime soon. My main reasons are contributing (however little) to animal well fare, the environment, and my health.

I’m a minimalist runner
20 years I ran and struggled with pain and tendonitis. 20 years of “experts” telling me to wear more supportive shoes, more cushioned shoes. I was miserable running without knowing why. Finally a few years ago I started to jog a little barefoot and I never looked back. My form improved, my cadence increased, my ankles strengthened. I still wear shoes for the protection (I run a lot on single track trails) but they are as minimal as possible. And I still sometimes take my shoes off completely to remind myself of the natural running form.