nice and easy

A cold day running next to the river in downtown Knoxville. My first attempt at a MAF(max aerobic function) test. The wind was heavy, so conditions were not even throughout the workout. I will need to take this test either on a treadmill or on the track to get more accuracy.This is also the second week of my low aerobic/base building phase. It’s been very strange for me to transition into running above 9 minute mile pace, but it seems to be helping. I’m running consistently over 30 miles per week now and without any discomfort. I’ve spent years going out and pushing myself far too much on runs, not a good long term strategy for the body, not to mention detrimental to my race performances. Live and learn.

This also is the first post for this blog. I’m keeping this blog as mostly a diary for myself, so I can track progress. I’ve had running diaries before, lets see how long I can stick to it this time. đŸ™‚