numb but happy

 Taking a couple days off from running to let my body heal a little before a race on Sunday. The Whitestone 30k is a tune up race, sort of a test run to see how my fitness is going before the Marathon in a little over a month. The slow base building has been going smoothly, MAF, max aerobic function, is down to just over 9 minute miles. I can keep this pace up for long periods with my mouth closed. I’ve done zero speed work or tempo work for the last couple of months, just relying on the occasional race to get my adrenaline going. My goal for the 30k is to get a few minutes under 2:30:00 and to negative split. First half I’ll be going out at 8 minute mile pace, the second half I hope to squeeze it down to 7:45. At least that’s the plan.

I have a new overarching goal. To do everything I can to keep running
until the day I die. I want to stay fit past 80, past 90, past whatever. I want to make sure I’m training the right way, not stressing my body
beyond tolerance, not burning out. I still have shorter term time goals,
age group goals, but this main goal of staying fit for life takes

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