ouchie knees

The increase of road mileage seems to be taking its tole on my knees. I knew this would come eventually, just hoped I could get past 40 miles per week without some stress pain setting in. It’s odd how the same amount of miles on the trails has little effect on my body. Perhaps it’s not odd at all. The surface is more forgiving. I’ll have to periodically check my pain and transition more of my miles back onto the trails.Ran about 5 miles today in the woods on some bike paths. Still keeping my heart rate below my MAF score of 137 bpm. Had to walk some of the steeper hills to keep my heart rate from racing. After a few ultra runs I’ve learned some patients with slowing down. I have a road half marathon this week, have no idea how it will go, I’ve been doing this low intensity training for three weeks and have barely broken a sweat doing it. It will be exciting to see if my body can get into running each mile a couple of minutes faster. 1:40 seems a reasonable goal, but won’t beat myself up over something slower.

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  1. I'm a runner and I had the same knee problem, my highschool's trainer has me rolling out on a high density foam roller on 2 minutes each side and it helps tremendously it's in relation to my I.T band injury or "runners knee" that helps but still isn't perfect, do you have any suggestions on how else to help?

  2. Hey Rick, I just bought a foam roller this weekend just for this purpose. It's almost impossible to stretch the IT band effectively any other way. I think the issue comes down to either too many miles too fast, improper gait, or improper shoes. I rotate between several kinds of shoes when training, and after using exclusively my zero drop shoes the last week, the pain has pretty much gone away. Doing more trail runs seems to also have helped me. My body just rebels when its subjected to asphalt or track surfaces. Cheers.

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