slow down, burn fat, get faster, huh?

I’ve been intrigued by various low heart rate training methods lately. In so doing I’ve tried to understand more about how the body utilizes fuel and how different paces effect overall fitness. I’ve been guilty over the years (completely unknowingly) of working out far too hard and fast thinking this was the only way to get faster race times. The no pain, no gain approach to working out. It makes sense for most of us that in order to run fast you need to run fast all the time. What these low intensity training methods show though is that you can gain speed by slowing down. Pretty unintuitive to most of us who have little knowledge about how the body works. Distance running is almost exclusively an aerobic activity, so we should be spending most of our training in the aerobic zone. I’m no expert by a long shot, so I went ahead and put some concepts into visual form. There’s much more to this than displayed here, but its a start. I’ve been doing low intensity training exclusively for the last couple of weeks, and there are some observations I’ll be sharing as time goes on. Thanks for stopping by.





2 Replies to “slow down, burn fat, get faster, huh?”

  1. I made a mistake at a Half last weekend thinking I did not need anything, then I bonked after mile 8 and that feeling truly sucked. Thanks for your post and the charts are great!! Help to visualize!

    1. Funny, I just did the same thing today, bonked at the 12 mile mark thinking I could get away with not eating. Almost did! Takes time to get the fuel dialed down right.

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