6 miles on the treadmill, always a measure of last resort running indoors. Still stiff from the race this weekend. Was keeping my heart rate in my MAF range of mid 130s. Kept my mouth closed for parts of the run and was focused on running form. I find the treadmill useful for small form issues. For instance I check my cadence a few times during a run pretty easily by counting steps and keeping an eye on the treadmill clock. No need to look at my watch. I have a fairly consistent cadence of 175, give or take a few steps. I’ve read that 180 is typical for elite runners, but I’m comfortable with where I’m at now. Might bring it up sometime later if I think it could improve my overall performance. I’ve observed that my cadence will drift over time as well. It’s tough to keep the correct form going when fatigue sets in. So an hour or an hour and a half into a run, my cadence will be in the lower 170s and I’ll have to mentally refocus my stride. I also find that running on the trails forces me to have a higher turnover no matter how tired I am. It’s mainly on flat easier terrain and roads that some of these form issues start popping up.