Whitestone 30K – race report

Me on the left, a faster runner on the right. Photo from ktc.org

Another crisp and sunny day. It was hard to get out of bed for this one, but turned out to be worth it. Managed a pretty even pace in the 7:50 minute mile range, although the last half mile up hill slowed me down considerably. I wasn’t the only one who was hobbling up that hill in the end. A 2:27:22 for 18.6 miles puts me within a 3:30:00 for the marathon in about a month. The even effort and pacing seemed to help. The last race my pace was all over the map and I payed for it in the end with a sub par result. If I can keep my pace at just under 8:00 minute miles for the marathon I should be in good shape.

Topped the week off at 40 miles, the slow easy base training is still paying off. I’m using races to give my system a little taste of speed every other weekend. No other speed work or interval training. Times are improving well. I think I’ll continue with this base building strategy over the summer, average 50 mile weeks all at a slow pace. It will be interesting to see how fast I’ll be by the end of the summer. Hopefully injuries will stay away.

The next race is in a couple of weeks, the Dirty South Double, doing a full trail marathon. Should just do the half, but can’t resist long trail races. My strategy there will be to run the first half at as slow a pace as possible, then gradually pick up the pace over the next half. So a progression run of sorts. Don’t want to tax the system before the main event.