2013 race lineup

I’ve filled up my calendar over the next 10 months with both big and small races. I’ve also already entered races I know fill up fairly fast. I chose a mix of road and trail races, from 10k up to 50 miles. I left a 100 mile race off this year. I’d like to get the shorter distances right before I graduate up to 100. There’s nothing too exotic, I’m staying in the area. I have a handful of other weekend races I may do but did not list here. Can’t plan everything.A race: Main focus for the season, 100% effort
B race: Tune up races to see how fitness is progressing and to get some racing experience, 75-90% effort
C race: Just for fun races, to get out there and run with people and see some new places, 75% or less effort

Dirty South Double, Mar 10 – B/C
A very local trail marathon, no more than a few minute drive from the house. The local trail running club has started to add longer distances beyond the standard 4-8 milers. With my A race marathon only a month away, I’m going to take it pretty easy. Somewhere in the 5 hour + ballpark should do it.

Knoxville Marathon, Apr 7 – A
A road race through downtown Knoxville and along the Tennessee river, I’ve done the half marathon in the past. Attendance is usually over 3,000 when the half is included, so not exactly a tiny race. I’ll be shooting for a 3:30 which would put me in the top 50-100.

Strolling Jim 40 mile or New River Marathon, May 4 – C
Two races I’ve been wanting to do for some time, they fall on the same day so I’ll need to decide. The objective with this race will be to go out and have fun and run at my training pace.

Carter Mill 10K, Jul 20 – A/B
I ran this race last year in 46 minutes. A local race on rolling country roads. I’ll be excited to see how much I’ve progressed over last year. I’m hoping to push it to as close to 40 minutes as possible.

Norris Dam 50k, Sept 1 – B
Local 50k race along the lake, have done the 25k in the past. A small group of local runners makes for a relaxing tune up race before StumpJump. Not sure what to shoot for in time, I guess I’ll figure it out when I’m in the race.

StumpJump 50K, Oct 5 – A
This was my first ultra distance a few years ago, I’ve done this twice. It’s a pretty large scenic race around Chattanooga. My two races were just dismal performances, I didn’t put in the right amount of training and ran like a newbie. So there’s some unfinished business to attend to here. Anything close to 6 hours should do it.

Chickamauga Marathon, Nov 9 – A/B
I tossed in this road marathon in Georgia to see how far away from the 3 hour mark I am at this point in time. Also its a good speed tune up for the Lookout Mountain race.

Lookout Mountain 50 mile, Dec 14  – A
This was my first 50 mile race. A very scenic and fun course to run on. I did O.K last year, held a good pace all the way up to mile 45. After that I just made the decision to walk the rest and relax. My main goal was to just complete. This time I’m going to be more serious and shoot for as close to 9 hours as possible.

So that’s my list! This is all subject to change of course, life happens.