the last winter run (hopefully)

Cold to the bone today around the lake. I’m finding that jogging at this slow pace forces me to put on more layers. There’s not much body heat and sweat generated when taking it easy. The trail surface felt harder than usual, ankles were stiff. Was planning on running 15 miles, but cut the run just short due to gun fire in the woods. I know the chances of getting shot by a hunter are minescule, but it’s easy for me to get a tad paranoid in the woods. Managed 12 miles in a snails time of 2 1/2 hours.

Scaled the mileage down to 30 this week. Will peak at 50 in the next week or so, then it’s a three week taper before the road marathon. Surprised over how hard the MAF easy pace workouts feel on the body. There’s a lot of complaining from joints and muscles in the legs, more than usual. Luckily the recovery time is pretty fast with these low intensity workouts.

March is in full swing, so bring the spring. Can’t wait.