fresh food

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green leafy veggies

I did a little grocery shopping today. This is a typical amount of food for a week. I also have bananas, nuts, seeds, and some frozen items that are not shown here. I eat as much fresh fruits and vegetables as possible, try to stay away from any processed foods. I’ll pick up organic items if they’re reasonable enough and/or if they taste better. It depends. Apples are always organic.

fruits vegetables fridge
fruits and veggies

I don’t take any supplements other than B vitamins a couple times a week. Being vegan, this is the only vitamin that I can become deficient in over time. I stopped taking multivitamins and other tablets a while back, turns out they’re not needed when eating a healthy diet.

Much of this stuff will go in the blender, I make a large shake everyday, sometimes fruit based, sometimes veggie based. I got the Blendtec blender, works wonders. Due to the blender I’ve cut down on protein shakes as well, no need to buy some mixture of processed gunk when I can make my own shakes. Tastes much better, cheaper, and healthier.

fruit shopping fridge
some citrus and apples

Running 30-50 miles a week I do need more calories than most people. I eat beans, nuts and seeds to make sure I get enough protein. I’ll toss some Garbanzo beans into a salad, or Cashew nuts into a smoothie. I don’t eat dairy, so I make sure to get plenty of dark leafy greens for the calcium. Occasionally I’ll get some fortified almond milk.

That’s about it, nothing fancy. Meals are fast to make, easy to clean up. Being a semi-raw vegan fits pretty well with my lazy attitude.