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I’ve been very satisfied with the New Balance Minimus10 trail the last couple of years, so I thought I’d go ahead and purchase the road version, the Minimus Zero. I’ve been hunting for the perfect shoe for years, and the NB trial line seems to have been custom made for my feet. I’ve put a few miles on these new zero drop road shoes and have some mixed feelings about them. I guess when you finally find the perfect shoe, everything else falls flat.

new balance road minimus zero
yellow and green lizard look

I was going to run the Knoxville Marathon in these but didn’t get the time to break them in for the race. I’ve been putting all of my miles on the NB-MT10 for the last few months, not running in my Vibrams or any other shoe. I got used to the 4mm drop in these and was surprised that I could notice a marked difference when running in the new Zero’s. I’ve been getting a slight tightening in the calf and achilles after running in them. This just means I’m out of minimal running practice, time to do some barefooting again.

The shoe itself is decent, I don’t have any major issues with them. The main complaint is they don’t fit like a glove as the MT10 does. There’s a looseness inside the shoe where my for-foot is sliding and shifting around more than I’d like. The toe box feels a little “puffy.” The MT10 has the strap that keeps my foot in place so I can have a better grip on the twisting and winding trails.On the road this is less critical I realize, but still a minor annoyance.


Running on the road with a shoe that was meant for the trails is O.K. I’ll keep the Zero in my normal rotation because its still a very good shoe, but I think I’ll keep using the MT10 for any races, even on the roads.

I need to go out and buy up as many of the original MT10 now that they are cheap and before they inevitably start messing with the design.

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  1. Ken, last year I got the NB Zero Roads, then I got the Minimus Trail 10. I like zeros room so my toes splay naturally in them. In the 10s my toes feel a little bit constrained but that could be because 10s runs smaller than 0roads. A minor con with the 0s is that I can feel little rocks because of the thin sole, but besides that zeros are my fav running kicks. BTW, I just ordered the MINIMUS IONIX 3090 Happy running!

    1. Yeah, to be honest they are pretty close, I think the zero has a different lest than the trails. It's a matter of preference, I just prefer the trails a little more. (this is also why I take reviews with a grain of salt, its such an individual thing) Good luck with the IONIX. I think I'll stick with what I have for now myself. Cheers!

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