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I stumbled across this product from infomotionsports technologies. Their product utilizes multiple sensors and a smart phone app to track the incoming data.

The product covers sports that require more obvious bio feedback and muscle memory than running. Such as basketball, soccer, and hockey. But although running seems like a simple matter, I’m sure there’s room for real time feedback of form and gait utilizing sensors. Cadence foot pods and heart rate monitors are very useful but only go so far.

The company does offer feedback of core strength, balance and speed, major requirements for running, but they don’t have a
product specifically for runners as of yet.

Imagine an insole with sensors at key points, at the for foot, mid foot and heel. All giving real time feedback of your running gait. For now I’ve been studying my sole wear pattern to see if there’s any uneven wear. Having sensors at the key joints of ankles, knees, hips and shoulders could also help in finding imbalances.

My form is fairly efficient, but there’s always room for improvement. Looking at the casual runner outside, I see a lot of awkward gaits, a lot of imbalances. Having a virtual training partner to nudge you in the right direction could be very useful. On the down side, there’s still a lot of grey areas of what efficient form/gait looks like. The science is still not conclusive. There are individual differences in all runners, and some very good athletes have what looks like very inefficient form but still perform at a high level. Having said that, there are some obvious form issues that could be addressed across the board. Heel striking with a very low cadence being the first example that comes to mind.