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finding it hard to move the needle

I’ve had the OMRON scale for about two months now, and been measuring myself every Sunday morning. Turns out I’m having a tough time losing fat. There’s some movement the last two weeks just because I’ve started to put more effort into this. I thought for some reason that increasing my weekly mileage would automatically lead to shedding pounds, but no such luck. So it’s time to hunker down and really get this done. I’m consistently under 20% body fat now, so that’s encouraging. The goal is to get it as close to 10% as possible, and to have muscle percentage above 40. It might take a little longer than first thought. I’m sure the closer I get to goal weight the harder it gets.

One day last week I got out of hand measuring myself a half dozen times throughout the day. It was pretty revealing. My total weight fluctuated 7 pounds from early in the day to after a long workout (and going to the bathroom) This just reenforces the fact I need to focus on changes over the long term. The last thing I need to be is OCD about this. Every Sunday morning is plenty.

I’m also able to relate more to people who have weight issues. I don’t have serious problems, but seeing how hard it might be for myself over the next few months gives me more of a perspective on what many are dealing with.