MAF test 4 – back on track

maf test max aerobic function chart
3 thin orange lines are previous tests, green line is current, grey line is the 8 min/mile goal for end of the year

So I’m over 4 months into my Max Aerobic Function base training and still seeing steady results. To get a more accurate measure from the test I decided to do it on the local college campus track. A nice flat surface. I was going to try the treadmill and eliminate some variables that were adding noise to the readings, but decided against it. I’m not fond of treadmills to say the least. If anything I get so bored I perform worse than I should. Either way, the track is going to work out fine, I just need to do the test in similar weather conditions.

Looks like I’ve shaved off almost 30 seconds per mile off my time, so about 7 seconds per month improvement. I know the progress will not continue to be so smooth, but this still puts me on track to reach 8 min/mile pace for my MAF by the end of the year. Which means my race pace for the marathon should be pushing closer to 7:00-7:30 min/mile mark. All in line for a sub 3:00 marathon in less than a year if all goes smoothly. It’s just a matter of staying focused and sticking to the plan.

There’s still no speed work involved which might surprise some. I’m pretty sure I’ll be going the whole year without any speed workouts. (unless you count the handful of races I’m doing) When I hit a tough plateau is impossible to say, but I’ll reassess and consider adding some minor speed intervals when it does happen.

Positive thought of the day:
I’m adjusting to the summer heat and humidity! Funny how the body adapts.

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