nashville trail ultra

I just signed up for the Nashville Trail Ultra 50K. Wasn’t planning on racing until a local 10K event in July, but got a little burned out on MAF training and had to sign up for something to shake things up. Sometimes its healthy to deviate from the plan. Also, I’ll be paying a visit to a couple of friends I haven’t had a chance to see in some time. I’ll be trying to reign in my pace since this technically should be a “C race.”

nashville trail ultra logo

Google Glass!
I’m still waiting patiently for an email from Google for me to fetch my Glass. Well perhaps not patiently. Can’t wait to do some POV footage of some trail races. There’s definitely room for trail running videos that showcase this sport. I’d like to show off the spirit and tenacity of the runners, as well as all the nature that we get to absorb when we’re out there, rain or shine. Ultra running attracts a few interesting oddballs with different reasons for being out there. It can sound pretty alien to outsiders, and at times it gets very absurd even for us. Such is life. Absurd.