CEP compression socks – gear review

compression sock review cep on foot
my foot in a sock

I purchased a pair of compression socks to see what all the fuss was about. I’ve seen them used in the wild in races for a few years. From reading the scientific literature on compression, nothing has been conclusively proven in regards to benefits, so I was never convinced they do very much of anything beyond a placebo effect.

Many people swear by these socks though, which is why I went ahead and got a pair. It doesn’t hurt to try. My first impressions are positive. I’ve not worn them too much yet, after a few of my long runs seemed appropriate. They provide a snug fit around my calves and shins, kind of like they are hugging my muscles. They are surprisingly comfortable, for some reason I thought they would be hot, but they breath well.

They are solidly made, the woven fabric is very firm and durable. There’s very little stretch in the material, which is expected. I’ve not used them long enough to be able to gauge the long term durability. I would expect them to start losing structural integrity over time, but how much remains to be seen.

compression running sock review
goes up to right below the knees

So, they feel good. They feel like they are doing “something” So far I can’t
tell if it’s just a placebo effect from wearing something that feels
nice. I think the snug feeling gives me a sense of comfort, but beyond that, well, I’m not sure. I’m not prone to injury anymore, but if I was perhaps I would feel some beneficial effects from wearing them.

I have not run in them yet, just worn them as a recovery aid. I’ll get around to it eventually and expand on this review.

A short list of negatives

Not the cheapest item, at least not the best reviewed brands. I went with the CEP Progressive Run 2.0. They retail just over $50 at the moment. There are some cheaper brands out there, but the reviews were tepid.

Not that easy to put on:
A minor gripe that can’t be resolved. It does prevent me from putting them on though. A couple of minutes might not sound like a lot of time, but when it’s something like putting on a sock, well, lets just say I’m lazy.

Expected more compression around the ankle area:
I generally don’t have many aches in my calves and shins, but there’s usually some growing pains going on in my ankle area. I was hoping for some compression here, but the sock is not tight enough. This could be due to my thin ankles.

cep compression sock closeup
solid woven materials

So, the verdict from me is basically, they feel good. And maybe that’s enough. I’ll try them on for a couple of runs in the future, but doubt I’ll be buying any more pairs. If I get injured somehow in the lower legs, I’ll be sure to grab them and see if they help.

happy running!