hot summer 10k

ijams nature center knoxville hard labor sign
improvement requires hard labor

The year is more than halfway over, and summer is in full furnace mode here in the south, with hot humid days, thunder storm evenings. It’s rained a ton the last month, the trails are muddy and swampy. Not too many people brave enough or foolish enough to be outside running. I see the occasional cyclist, but runners are few and far between unless I’m running in the morning. I think they are training inside.

injury? – nah!

I tweaked my ankles a little the last few weeks. They are pretty stiff. I had to ease off on the mileage just a little so I wouldn’t aggravate them further. Feeling better already. I think the stiffness comes from not taking in any electrolytes on my long hot summer runs. I was getting by fine in the colder temperatures, but now that the sweat is flowing, I’m in need of some salt replacement. I’ve been doing this and it seems to be working. My diet was not the best for a couple of weeks either, might have been slightly deficient in some elements.

race time!

I have a 10K this weekend, the Carter Mill 10K. This is perhaps the shortest race I’ll be doing this year, not too fond of the shorter distances. The race will be a gauge for how well my training is going. Last year I ran the same race in 46 min, this year I hope to shave off a couple of minutes. Since I never do speed work and have devoted 2013 to slow paced based building, I have no clue how well I’ll actually do. No clue whatsoever. Anywhere from 40-45 minutes. It’s very odd going into races with little knowledge of the outcome, but I’ve gotten used to it. I’ve done a half dozen races without a fixed time goal, gone out with the strategy of starting easy and ending strong. Has worked fine so far. Running my own race and ignoring others.
I’m also not letting myself get into the trap of expectations. Sure I could break 40 minutes, but it’s highly unlikely. So anything around 44 minutes and I’ll be fine with it. As long as there’s some improvement to show for the effort I’ve been putting into running the last few months I’ll be happy.
My Garmin is busted, so I’ll be running strictly by feel, should be interesting. I think there’s a timer at the halfway split, that’s all I have to go by. Racing blind.

google glass!

Got Google Glass last week and have put a few dozen miles on them. I’m still debating with myself whether to use them or not. I know in these hot-humid races I need my face clear to be able to wipe off the excess sweat that just starts streaming like crazy, so probably won’t bother. It would have been fun to capture some shots from the runners point of view, but it will have to wait until a cooler and longer race in the fall.
This has been a semi-regularly scheduled training diary, thanks for dropping by. Race report to come soon.