english vacation

Running the fells

Back from vacationing in the English countryside. Had a good experience hiking and running in the boggy fells. Cooler temperatures and rainy days were almost welcome after the heat and humidity of the Tennessee summer. I was surprised by the hills in north England. They’re not tall by any stretch, but they are many. So, running is almost always up or down. Hardly any flat sections for hours sometimes. Feet were getting stuck in muddy bogs. I had little chance keeping up on the downhills, where Brits just fly down with seemingly no regard for their own lives. I tried letting go a few times, it was exhilarating and scary trying to make my feet dance fast along the wobbly rocks, passing hikers left and right.

Race season

Race season is ahead with cooler fall and winter temperatures. This coming weekend I’ll be running in a local 50K. It’s supposed to be a B race, so I’ll be hanging back in the first half and slowly increasing speed throughout. I’m approaching it more as a training run. If I can get through the race in the 6 hour range and still feel strong I’ll be happy. At least that’s the plan.