hexoskin – wearable tech device for athletes

Wearable tech companies are popping up everywhere these days. Smart watches, Google Glass, Smart Socks. I especially like seeing how many of these companies are using crowd-funding to jump-start their business. I’m wondering if they were rejected by venture capital money and are using these avenues as a last resort, or if they jumped on them without trying to contact outside money through angel investors. Either way it’s a unique entrepreneurial angle that’s been tapped into by unique companies. Wearable tech seems a good fit.

Hexoskin bills itself as the first movement + respiration + heart activity tracker. The Indiegogo page looks like they will reach their funding goal of $100,000. The unit price of $340 is a little steep, but it’s a new product. I’m sure with higher volumes the price will come down over time. Estimated delivery time for the first run is the end of January 2013.

I’ll be testing Hexoskin and other wearables for health and athletic purposes in the coming months and through next year when I start getting my hands on the devices. Exciting times.