MAF test 7 – still getting faster by running slow

max aerobic function test MAF graph
orange lines are previous tests, green is current, red lines are goals

The cooler fall morning temperature is having an effect. Impossible to say how much, but I’ll guess at least 10 seconds per mile. This was about what I lost going into the late spring and summer heat. Looks like I’m hitting a small plateau at 8:15 per mile. Hopefully I’ll break through in the coming months.

I feel the speed coming to me even with the slow progress. The pace that I’m normally doing is almost down to my marathon race pace. The difference being I’m barely breaking a sweat or opening my mouth to breath. How this translates to a new race pace is impossible to say. I doubt it’s a 1 to 1 relationship. A minute per mile improvement in my MAF will unlikely give me a minute per mile faster marathon. Would be nice, but I doubt it.

The above graph reveals I dipped under the 8:00 per mile mark set for myself for the end of the year. I’m taking this with a grain of salt since MAF tests are supposed to show a trend towards slower pace over the 5-6 miles of the test. You can get the sense of this from the previous tests.

MAF pace improvement graph
average pace improvement over time since mid January

stoopid hr watch

I blame the watch for these inconsistencies. The variability of the Garmin heart rate monitor is not getting any better. I hate to have inaccurate data even if the long term data collection smooths out inconsistencies and shows an even trend line. It just gets annoying continuously adjusting pace depending on the whims of the monitor, I doubt my heart is fluctuating that much every 10-30 seconds. Again, I’ll be looking at a Polar watch at the end of the year. Some models have Heart Rate Variability as well which I think I’ll be wanting eventually.

endurance and recovery

This last 50k gave my endurance a boost, hard to explain but my body feels different and stronger. The recovery was almost instant. In the past I would have been in pain for about a week, my body trying desperately to repair the damage. This time I felt I could have run another 50k the next day with relative ease.

Anyway that’s it for this months test report, cheers and keep on running.

Past MAF posts are adding up.