lookout mountain 50 miler – mud fest

my muddy shoes

So that was the last race of the year and as expected one of poor performance due to poor preparation. Still managed to get some laughs out of it though. The pouring rain was not as bad as soon as we got going. The rain stopped about 2 hours in. Then it was the usual mix of single track trails, mud and streams. The mud got pretty bad in places, made for an interesting struggle. Hard to run when your feet are slipping and sinking into deep stickiness. One of the streams was thigh high, a nice refreshing bath 35 miles into the race.

Overall I’m kind of disappointed, only 30 minutes faster than last year. The reasons are quick to sum up:

not enough time on my feet

I got lazy the last couple of months, the longest run was 15 miles, and no back to back runs. I thought I could coast on the miles I’ve done earlier in the year, but no such luck. I need to do some 20+ milers on the weekends more often and some more back to backs so I can have a better experience during these things.

burn out

Mentally I just wasn’t into it this time around. I’ve been a little burned out lately. The uphill hiking got to me. I prefer running, not hiking. Oddly enough I’ve been enjoying street running more and more. Never thought that would happen.

Overall I just didn’t enjoy this race as much as expected. I think it’s time for a little break. I’ll be cutting down close to zero miles the last couple of weeks of the year. Hopefully I’ll get my mojo back by the new year.


I need to start enjoying the run for the sake of running again. My Garmin zonked out right before the race, so I ran without a watch. This turned out to be a blessing. Need to run more with less equipment.
Cheap Walmart headlamp slowed me down at the end. The beam was so weak I didn’t want to chance tripping into my face, so walked a little more than would have otherwise.

high notes

Kind of amazed I had no blisters forming during those conditions, my feet were wet with water and soggy mud for 11 hours. Thank god for small favors.

The positive attitude of other runners always helps me out. I can get stuck in mental ruts easily, and the smile or joke comment from someone struggling as well is very welcome.

The year is close to ending, and it’s been one I can’t complain about. I’m healthy and fit, slowly increasing miles and bettering times. A little break should leave me hungry for the next year and more better stuff.