MAF 12 – one year in

max aerobic function test graph chart
orange lines are all previous tests, red line is current.

time to hunker down and get it done

It has now been 12 months since I started the base building MAF training. As is clear from the charts the winter months have not been too kind to my fitness. The main culprit? My weight. I’m still at about 7-8 pounds heavier than in the late fall when I was performing pretty well on my runs. Funny how adding pounds happens so fast, while losing them takes so much time. Well, perhaps not funny.

I’m holding steady at the 8:20 minute mile area. Seems to be a sticking point. Hard work ahead to push things down into the 7 min mile area. I knew this time would come, just thought I would be able to sustain the 8:00 mark, not go back. To get down to 7:00 minute miles by the end of the year is going to be a challenge, but that’s what it’s all about. If it were too easy, it wouldn’t be much fun to do it.

max aerobic function over the last year
after a winter lull, it’s time to get back to work pushing this graph down again

I fully expect to shed the pounds and get back on track the next month or so. There’s also an outside chance that these readings are influenced by my new Garmin watch. Either the older watch(and heart rate strap) was overly optimistic or the new one is conservative, or a little of both. It’s possible this has had an effect, but I’m sticking to the new watch for now to see what happens.

blog anniversary!

This also marks the one year anniversary of the blog. It’s been nice to just unload my thoughts onto this forum even if it’s kind of one sided and self centered at times. Like I’ve said before this place is more of a personal space, if anyone gains any benefit from it that’s an added bonus. It’s been informative to look back on and see how things have developed.

VO2-Max + race predictions

According to the Garmin Forerunner 620, my VO2 Max is increasing. I’m pushing it up into the top 10% of my age group. Not that matters much during races. I’ve never been one to focus on this metric, but now that it’s built into the watch, I’ll pay at least some attention to it.

garmin forerunner 620 vo2max estimate
VO2 Max is on the rise
garmin forerunner race predictions
some optimistic race predictions, perhaps on a flat course

Race predictions are looking fairly accurate although a little on the optimistic side. It’s clear that I could run these times on a flat course, but with rolling hills and wind and a number of other random conditions, these times are pretty much out of reach. The 5k is the one that is most realistic due to the short distance.

next race

I’ve missed a couple races that were on the schedule for the year already. January has been a tough month of sorts. I’ll be running Strawberry plains half marathon next week. I should shave off at least 5 minutes from last year, getting 1:32:00 to 1:35:00 seems realistic.

In order to reach my sub 3 hour goal for the marathon I’ll need to push a 1:25:00 half marathon, so I won’t be close to that in this race. Hopefully I’ll be sub 1:30 for the half by mid year at least.

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