Knoxville marathon 2014


A crisp and mostly sunny day for the marathon downtown today. I had a good time even though my finishing time was a bit sad. I knew going in that I would do poorly, coming off the flu and an upper respiratory infection. So the pressure was kind of off. Although I did breeze quickly through the halfway point(it’s hard not to get caught up in all the commotion in the beginning) I was more in the mindset of a long training run than a race. I even took some walk breaks. AND I even had some beer at the 23 mile aid station. It really hit the spot. A 3:41 isn’t anything to write home about, 7 minutes slower than last year. Oh well.

It ain’t no fun getting sick – or let me whine and make excuses

The flu couldn’t have come at a worse time. (Is there ever a good time really) I missed almost two solid weeks of training and two tune up races. The Dirty Double, my favorite a local trail race. Fall Creek Falls 50k, a fairly flat race I’ve never done before. My miles suffered, especially the long runs. I still have a cough and a slight gurgle in my lungs, but things are looking up. Good riddance, hopefully it will be at least another 5 years until my next bout of sickness.
So I went into this marathon pretty much blind, thinking anything between 3:20 to 3:40. It’s almost impossible to gauge fitness when two key weeks leading up to a race are shot. Better luck next time.

Looking ahead

I have my first 100 miler in less than two months from now and I need to get some time on my feet in the mountains before then so the experience won’t be too horrendous. The last thing I want to do is be unprepared. I plan on 25 mile weekend runs on the trails, a couple back to back, and as much hiking as possible.
I do look forward to getting down to some monster miles and form specific training this spring and summer. My sub 3:00 hour marathon goal is still in reach with the proper focus and commitment. There’s been some setbacks early this year but still time to catch up.