races and runs – spring fever

new balance minimus zero
NB Minimus Zero

I’m racing nearly every weekend, so the reports will most likely become just short updates from here on out. So, some race recaps!

cummins falls marathon

Don’t expect to PR on this course. It starts off nice enough with a steep downhill section followed by mostly flat roads along the river. But after about the 17 mile mark there’s some brutal climbs all the way to the finish. After 2 years no one has broken the 3 hour mark. That should say something. I scorched through the first half, then slammed into several walls in the last half. This was one of my “C” races, the goal was to take it easy and get under 4 hours. I got under 4 hours but it wasn’t easy. I was far more tired than I was planning. Thankfully recovery was smooth. My slowest road marathon time but still a good learning experience.

whitestone 30k

The second year running this super friendly race. The rolling hills start adding up after awhile, but it’s all good training for future races. Too flat would be too boring. Happy with the even pace throughout. (7:38 per mile) I’m getting better at leaving something in the tank for the final miles. This race has a brutal uphill half mile to the finish, I felt lucky enough to be able to “run” this section. Last year I walked the last part, this year I managed to gut it out. 5 minutes or so faster than last year. I’ll take it.

general thoughts

zero drop shoes
I’ve been doing most all my training runs and races in 4mm drop shoes. One would think going from 4mm to zero would not be a big deal, but my achilles tendons have been crying out in mercy the last 24 hours. I’ll have to deal with the added stiffness the next couple of days for sure. I still consider myself a minimalist foot wearer, but 4mm is where I feel the best. The Goldilocks zone for me the last couple of years.

going out too fast…again
Guess I’ll never fully learn this one. I’ve luckily avoided this mistake on my “A” races. I think it’s good to get a stinker out of the way before the races I really care about come along. Still, I’m getting just a little tired of myself when this happens. I’m totally aware I’m running at an unsustainable pace. And, yet, there’s a little part of me hoping against all odds that I just might make it through this time.
hitting walls…and getting through them

The positive that usually comes out of hitting the wall is the mental exercise of trying to get through it. When things go according to plan, the mind is focused on the task. When hitting the wall and being faced with miles of grinding it out, the mind meanders, despairs over disappointment, looks for excuses. Combating negativity and gutting it out are a good exercise.

more hill training

Enough said, just need to tackle more hills. I die on them far too often during races.
reason for running
Getting through the spots where I just don’t want to run.