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new balance minimus trail
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da do run run

Less than a week before my first hundred mile race and quite a few things have been knocking around in my head. The race has become very large in my mind over the last month or so. I’ve had some trepidation ahead of my first 50k and 50 miler, but nothing even approaching this. It’s twice as far as I’ve ever gone before.

I realize I’ll be competing against myself, and in some ways that’s scarier than competing against others. Most all racing is about competing against oneself, pushing the body beyond lung burning and muscle pain tolerances. But pounding out 100 miles in the mountains for over 24 hours just takes this to a whole other level that frankly I’m not sure I have the mental toughness for. I’m pretty sure my body can handle the load. So if I pull out it’s all about not being able to handle the pressure.

I think the butterflies are mainly due to stepping into the unknown. If and when I complete this the next 100 (if there is one) will become much easier. Experience and all that. The mental toughness is why I’m doing the race. Each step up in mileage always makes the shorter stuff much easier to approach afterwords.

MAF again

MAF test average over time chart may 2014
I had such a good trend going there for a while

The first MAF test in months. Hmm, not very good. I’ve stalled a bit, however I’ve found that my race times have not suffered much in the meantime. Not sure why there’s a disconnect in the correlation between MAF and race times. Perhaps there’s a lag in accumulated running experience. Either way, I’ve got to come to grips with not consistently chipping away at my MAF as I did last year. That’s fine by me as long as I’m getting faster anyway.

But. I still want to crank this thing below 8 min miles consistently. Very doable. So again, put in the work and all that…


weekly mileage chart may 2014

Had a couple of zero weeks this spring from sickness and lack of enthusiasm. Pretty much shook the disease and malaise off now. I’m not far behind 2013 totals but averaging 25 miles a week is not what I had in mind for this year. I’ll be clocking in some north of 50 mile weeks throughout the summer.


weight chart may 2014

It’s been a few months since I got on the scale as well. I know I’ve gained back some weight and fat, but didn’t realize how much. My good half and full marathon runs last fall coincide with the low point on the graph. I weighed just under 140 pounds. I’m not fat by any “normal” standards, but my race weight is probably down in the mid 130’s. Tough having the discipline to not eat that extra slice of pizza…


The main goal for this year is a sub 3 hour marathon. Still doable, but not likely if I continue down this road of lackadaisical training. The above points need to be dealt with. Hello consistency, nice to meet you again.

Thought of the day:
Once again, I’m thankful I’m injury free. I should take advantage of that…