tired legs
battle scars


It’s been two weeks since my 87 mile run in the woods. I’ve been limping a little around since then. My left knee was not happy with the abuse it was taking. So now it’s going to be a random road to recovery. This is the longest period off from running I’ve had in almost two years.

From the session today I would guess I’ll be back to normal in 4-6 weeks. If I don’t show any signs of improvement by next week I’ll be visiting a professional.

Either way, looking further into my crystal ball, I see a lot of walking ahead. Walking is often an unappreciated cross training activity for runners. I’m not too fond of it myself, but slow and steady is the name of the game for now, and walking provides a lot of benefits.


Well, not really the knee. With all the swelling, it was hard to pinpoint exactly where the pain was coming from. My legs don’t have much fat, so with the swelling gone, it’s easy to see where muscles and tendons are at, and to poke around to find pain points. The tweak is at the end of one of the quad muscles where it attaches to the inside of the knee. I’m pretty sure it’s the quad tendon and/or the medial patellofemoral ligament. Self diagnosis is tricky, so experts might be brought in if things don’t improve.

I’ve tested the knee a few times. The first time I got a half mile before it acted up, today I got about 3/4 of a mile. I’m doing regular stretch and strengthening exercises, not too tough yet though. There was no point the first 10 days in doing much of anything since my body and legs were too weak to take that load. Slow and steady increase while carefully paying attention to what my body is telling me. That’s where I’m at.

chigger bites, bruises, etc

There’s still some bruises and scrapes and chigger bites left to heal. At first I just thought it was normal scrapes, but 4-5 days after the race I started realizing the itching and spreading sores were chiggers. Nasty little buggers that dig in and lay eggs under the skin. Itchy as all hell. I consider them worse than ticks, at least you can see those.

energy levels

After getting pretty sleepy and having to take random naps in the middle of the day, I’ve pretty much recovered my energy levels. I had to take a 3 hour nap after my first trial run last week. I’m actually going slightly batty from not running, getting more grumpy than usual. (sorry people around me) I’m really needing to blow off some cardio steam. Planks, weights and walking are not cutting it in that department. Patience, patience. Perhaps some swimming.

worth doing ultras?

A reasonable question after listing out all the physical negatives in this post. I’m confident my injury is short to medium term. I pushed my body beyond it’s abilities and knew the risks involved. What I got out of the experience outweighs the costs. I may do a separate post for that. It’s in some ways a good experience, having to deal with an injury again. Enjoy the journey.

So while I’m licking my wounds, I’m considering trying to get into Marathon des Sables for 2015. I’ll be waiting for the website to open up registration. It’s a first come first serve basis, so a mad dash I’m sure. If I get in this will change the direction of where I’m heading in training the next 11 months.

shout out
Galen Rupp breaking the American 10,000 record. wow.