Why do you live here?

I get asked all the time: “Why do you live here?”
Here being Knoxville Tennessee. I’ve lived in other places and somehow sort of settled here for some time. I’m
never sure how to answer that question. It seems to be a slight
compliment to me and a negative towards Knoxville. “Why is someone like
you even living in this place?” sort of thing. I’ve struggled with the
big fish in a small pond problem for some time. Not that I’m a hotshot by
any means, but I could easily have been in San Fran, New York, Spain or
Japan at this point.

Thing is, I’ve learned
finally that it doesn’t matter where you live. The place won’t mean much
of anything if you don’t take the time and effort to actually make it a
space you would like to live. It’s the relationships, the connections,
the investments you make around you that matter. I’m finally over
wandering around expecting a place to fix my problems.

I’m not saying I’ll never move, just that it has to be for the right reasons. Running away is just not an option anymore.

does this relate to running? I don’t know. I could make a tenuous
connection to running away from problems or something. Seems kind of
trite. Running has helped me come to terms with life in general though.
Without it I would most likely be in a ditch somewhere.

And that’s all I have to say about that.
Seize the day and shit.