2015 and beyond

Back to your regularly scheduled blogging

I’m bouncing back from the winter doldrums and some injuries that where niggling at me after late November. My fitness level has suffered just a bit but things are picking back up again. Spring is in the air. Races, runs and hikes are on the horizon once again.

Pistol Ultra 50K

Not feeling up to the full 100k that I signed up for, I dropped down to the 50k. I ran 45 minutes slower than last year, but was just taking it easy and having fun this time around. The Pistol Ultra grows every year and is such a fast course that Irishman Thomas Frazer set an Irish 50k record (and course record) We may see some more outsider interest in setting records at this race in the future.

Monument Valley 100

Other then the usual smaller races and runs, the big adventure for myself this side of the year is a 100 miler out in Arizona, on Navajo land and Marlboro country. This will be part of a 2 week vacation where I’ll be absorbing as much as the area parks as possible.
I’ll leave it at that. My blogging will remain sporadic of course. Whenever it becomes too much of a “chore” and takes away from the joy of running itself, I always pull back.