holston river endurance run

Another buckle!

bronze buckle for the 36 hour hundo runners

Woop! Well that was a long time in the making. I don’t have many 100 mile races in me per year apparently. Either that or I’m just easing into them at my normal leisurely pace. In a decade I’ll be running one a week.

First half

Hit the 50 mile mark around 12 hours at a leisurely pace. Was feeling pretty good throughout the night. We had a small shower in the evening and the night was bearable. Dawn on the first day came and it looked like smooth sailing.

Second half

An old injury popped in my knee a couple hours after sunrise. I haven’t been visited by this old friend in a couple of years. Anyway, I jogged lightly and walked a bit to re-assess the situation. I figured it was manageable. So I set out to get the job done without getting any permanent damage going. The heat of the day was pounding down, I took many breaks, slept here and there. Into night 2 I was mostly just walking. Around 3AM I thought I’d test out the old knee and went out hard for a few laps. I could feel the stress in the knee building up so I went back to walking. It was encouraging in some sense knowing I could knock out some speed even after 30 hours on the course.

Thanks to the usual suspects for encouragement, and to Misty and Edwin for walking several laps in the late hours.

Extra thoughts

Back next year? Hmm, not sure. It’s a tough loop in the heat. Maybe a shorter distance.