cloudventure – shoe review

fancy bright colors

I bought these shoes on a whim online. Buying without trying usually results in a returned pair of shoes but I got lucky this go around. With 300 miles of running and back packing through mud and snow, both on and off trail I have to say I’m impressed.


Cloudventure trail shoe from “On”
Price: $149.99
Mileage so far: 300 miles

don’t step on the turtles!!!

The good

Comfortable fit

Probably the hardest to get right. Every foot is different and there are only so many shoe shapes/size combinations on the shelf. Through trial and error I’ve found New Balance to be the best fit brand for me. But this particular shoe is a very close second. I prefer wider toe boxes and this one falls in line with that. Not as wide as an Altra, but also not as narrow as an Inov-8 or HOKA.

Good Traction

I’ve used them on every surface imaginable, on trail and off, mud, rain, and snow. I’ve also done some hiking in light to heavy backpacks. Although the extra weight on my back did lead to an increase in vertical heel movement I didn’t get any blisters. Traction was good on mud, steep inclines as well as snow. The shoe increased my confidence. I have other shoes I tend to slow down in and hesitate in due to potential slipping etc.

Solid Construction

These are very solidly made and I expect them to last a long time. I’ve put about 300 miles on them so far and there’s little to no sign of wear. Some of the lugs on the front have rubbed down about 30%, nothing major. I’ve not noticed any breakdown in the sole. And the shoe still looks as good as new. Once you clean off all the mud that is.


synonymous with “quality”

Lacing system

This was a big surprise. I was expecting the thin and hard laces to be a pain to deal with but they are solid. No double knots necessary. I’ve lived with thick and stretchy laces my whole life, so had to unlearn that tiny bias. The lacing cinches up real tight along the whole forefoot, not just at the top where you pull.

skinny laces work surprisingly well


The ON website shows a ton of choices for both road and trail. There are plenty of color selections as well. I’ll be trying a pair of road shoes next. They also have a line of apparel clothing. Some interesting design choices here, the price is a bit steep though.

The so-so


“Cloud technology”

These pillow looking things on the bottom seem very gimmicky. There’s the possibility they are providing some added traction without me realizing it, because I can’t really tell if they do much of anything. It does give them a distinct look though so from a branding standpoint I think it makes sense. It’s hard to differentiate oneself in the running shoe market these days, so having an interesting hook with customers is important. Personally I don’t need these types of features, they are normally a turn off. Luckily everything else about the shoe is great, so I’ll give them a pass.


This is a more cushioned shoe than I’m used to. They fall somewhere in between a pillowy Hoka and a minimal NB110. I like them in my rotation of shoes and have to make sure I don’t exclusively use them. This is a very personal preference of course. Not many are as minimal focused as I am.


The not so great


Due to the sturdy and durable construction there’s a bit of a weight trade off to make. The website says 10.1oz, but they feel more like 11 or even 12oz. I can feel this extra weight after a few hours of running. Not a big deal. It’s just noticeable. The construction also contributes to locking in some heat on hot days and some moisture on wet days. They don’t dry out as quickly as some other shoes, but it’s not a huge problem.


At $150 the Cloudventure is on the more pricey end of the scale. I’ve never bought more expensive shoes. Luckily they have a wide range of models to choose from with varying prices. And I give them a pass as it’s looking like these shoes are going to be good for 1,000+ miles.


Overall I’m very happy with this shoe and will likely buy another pair soon.

I’ll give it a totally subjective and arbitrary score of 95/100.

good grip on snow


After thoughts:

– So happy fall is finally here, it’s been a scorcher of a summer.