50-50-50 project, maybe

I’ve had this little project knocking around in my head for about a year and it’s one of those things that is fun (for me) to dream about and half plan for.  A lot has to fall into place life and job wise, but I’ve come to a point where I’m realizing this has a chance of happening.

The idea

It’s simple enough of a concept on paper; Travel all the 50 states and run all the things within one year, finishing up on my 50th birthday. April 21st 2019. Now I’m not one to derive much significance from sequences of round numbers and granted there’s a bit of fudging involved anyway with 52 weeks in the year and whether I count the continental 48 or all 50 with Alaska and Hawaii, but I like the simple title.

The plan so far

The how, where and what of it all is up in the air but I’ve started compiling some thoughts. I’ll have a rough route planned out and some main goals. For now it’s just nice to come up with things to do on a year long trip. One thing I’m leaning towards is flying to Alaska and then Hawaii at the end of it all. Seems only fair to stop the journey on a warm sandy beach with a drink in my hand.

-I’ll hopefully keep posting updates about this.
-I’m still a little injured at the moment, pretty bummed.
-Only a few days to the three sisters ultra festival, year two. Hopefully I can make it back in time to join the relay team I signed up for.