late summer 2017 update

road ahead is not for everyone

It’s been a tough 2017 as far as running goes. I’ve had to adjust expectations and goals as my body is having a hard time keeping up. As I’m pushing 50 my recovery times are longer and various pains have start to set in. I’m not as fast, not as nimble etc.

But I’m still on my feet and I have a ways to go before I give up on running altogether. There’s still some hope I might bounce back and have a couple good years ahead. In the mean time I’m hiking more, doing yoga, stretch and strength every day and enjoying that more than I thought I would. In some ways this rest period has made me stronger. I’m not as tired and ragged.

Iceland was great. I would like to go back sometime. More off trail back country hiking/running would be nice. I also might try to get to Greenland for some trekking at some point.

Race calendar has the Barkley Fall Classic next month, not sure about that one. Racing has increasingly become less important lately. I enjoy hanging with fellow running buddies here and there, but I’ll always at my core be a solo runner.