2018 onward

2017 – good riddance

A couple injuries set me back this past year. Most annoyingly a tibial stress fracture. Pretty much all the plans I had for 2017 got dumped, no Barkley Fall Classic, no No Business, no road marathons. There were a few notable exceptions and bright spots, but overall it was a let down. The fewest miles run in a year since from way back in the 90’s I think.

But enough with the wining

The injury looks to be totally healed, miles are once again being put into the log. I’ve been hiking a lot more, up and down mountains. My legs are stronger, just not so fast.

Future things

(Subject to change as usual.)

  • Dirty South Trail marathon and half, helping out
  • Trail series, running a race or two would be nice
  • Knoxville Marathon, either race or pace, depends on if I’m able to PR
  • Yamacraw 50K, missed this race too many times, hope to be in proper shape, a sub 6 is doable
  • 2-3 months in Norway running in the mountains, maybe a side trip to Scotland
  • Chip away at the Smokies trails, still much to get done
  • Barkley Fall Classic, would be nice to do more than finish, if so it’ll be the last time
  • No Business 100? Not sure if I have another 100 in me, time will tell
  • Still hope to sub 3 in the marathon, time is running out…