mid jan 2018 – looking up again

Garmin training status

After letting the body heal up for almost 2 months  it’s back to a steady increase in activities. I did a ton of hiking in the last half of December that made the legs strong. These were relatively easy jaunts, as I’ve grown weary and uneasy about re-injuries.

My Garmin annoyingly won’t track status or load when set to “walk” or “hike” mode. These workouts also don’t show up on the training log in Strava.  I’m setting all activities to road/trail running here on out.

The first week in January I unwittingly overdid it as seen in the orange bar in the chart. I was a little blind to how much I needed to recover when coming back to running. I’ve since adjusted.

The Garmin metrics in the Fenix-5 are pretty good it seems. What’s glaringly obvious in hindsight is that I’ve been bouncing between overtraining and under training too much. Going from Redline to Flatline just isn’t sustainable.

My current thinking:

  • Consistency – At least 5 workouts a week. No more redline-flatline-redline. This mainly means keeping my easy days really easy. I mean, for real.
  • Variety – More cross training and different activities. Walking, hiking, biking, swimming etc. If the ankles are too sore for a run, jump on the bike.
  • Specificity/focus – More structure in workouts. It’s too easy to jog along without a specific goal. Fine if you’re satisfied with general fitness. Not fine if you want to improve a little.
  • Strength and flexibility – Increase the amount of Yoga, stretching and strength exercises. Tremendous help in recovery and injury prevention.

None of this is new, I just have to keep pounding it into my thick skull.