Dirty South 2018

Strava heat map of the Urban Wilderness area.


One week away from this year’s Dirty South races. I have my notebook of to-do’s handy and am answering the stray random and odd email question. Signups are about on par with last year. Full marathon might have a few more peeps. The weather is crap. It looks like the race name will live up to itself this year.

Ran the Strawberry Plains half marathon in 1:56 and change. It was a good training run with a moderate pace and a couple pickups into high 7s. No idea what time I could get if I really tried. It really helped having Kirby’s company. These road races can hand you some lonely agonizing stretches sometimes.

Finally got out to do a lap at Mr. Storey’s yearly 12 hour run at the North Boundary trails. It’s a good spot. Nothing too technical but enough hills to give you a workout. And the flat gravel is useful too.

January was a good training month of consistency. Fewer miles in each run, but more variety. My mantra is “something every day.” It’s also been fun getting on the bike again. I’m carefully ramping up from here. Dipping into speed work again.

I’m kinda done with the cold now, ready for some spring!